Series of machines dedicated to washing and drying glass plates. The horizontal ones can be combined with bilateral lines or with tempering ovens or serigraphy or digital printing plants while the vertical ones can be combined with our presses for the production of insulating glass or after vertical edging machines. They differ in: the useful washing height, the number of brushes present and the maximum washable thicknesses.
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  • Our economic vertical washing machines series WM1 (height 1.700 mm) and series WM2 (height 2.000 mm) are simple to use, reliable and durable machines, designed for effective washing and drying.
  • WM vertical washing machines (heights from 1.700 to 2.700 mm) guarantee the best washing and drying performance. They can be with 4 or 6 or 8 brushes and also completely in stainless steel. They are designed for washing delicate glass and guarantee superior performance. They can be integrated with SCV System or other brand presses.
  • The WMH horizontal washing machines (available in sizes from 600 to 3.300 mm) are reliable machines for accurate glass washing, ideal for stand-alone or in-line use. The wide range of optionals make them ideal for various specific production contexts: grinding systems, screen printing and lamination lines, tempering ovens.
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