Since 2003 SCV System produces and distributes a diversified range of glass processing machines. Always responsive to the multiple and ever-changing needs of the market, SCV System develops innovative and reliable solutions to always guarantee top.class technical performance.
In this case, the production of glass processing machines concerns:
  • IG lines and related accessories for the production of insulating glass
  • Vertical and horizontal washing machines
  • Manaul and CNC cutting tables
  • Edging machines
  • Vertical and horizontal sandblasting machines
  • Belt grinders
  • Vertical drilling machnes
  • Glass lifters


SCV System offers a complete service, aimed at ensuring the correct functioning of the machines produced and distributed. We can take care of every detail, from transportation to final installation, according to customer specifications. The technical assistance service, supported by all the spare parts that may be necessary, ensures maximum efficiency and reliability over time.


Working alongside with its many customers acquired, SCV System constantly refines its technical skills and the ability to best solve every need of glass processing. Significant are the many tests passed in the various countries (specific technical requirements, complexity of the transport, climatic conditions). Part of the more than 1.000 machines produced have successfully crossed national borders, conquering markets ranging from Russia to China, from the USA to South America, from the Arab Emirates to Africa … in addition, of course, to Europe.