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Adl 2500-6 INOX


Machine built for an effective and efficient production of double glazing.
Line where the system must be operator dependent in the least possible way. The line includes a vertical washing machine (WM 2500-6 INOX) and an automatic assembly in the panel press, in which the only operation performed by the operator is to apply the channel previously prepared in the alignment wall.

Download pdf ADL 2500-6 INOX
Download layout ADL 2500-6 INOX
Download layout ADL 2500-6 INOX TT
Download layout ADL 2500-6 INOX walls 3500
Download layout ADL 2500-6 INOX TT walls 3500

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  • Max double glass size (double and triple glass): 2.500 x 2.700 mm (2.500 x 3.210 mm optional)
  • Max structural double glass size: 2.380 x 2.620 mm
  • Max thickness of double glass: from 10 till 60 mm

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